How To: Add Bates Numbering in Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro

Add Bates Numbering in Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro

Bates numbering can be used with Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro. Place all of the documents that you want to number in a single file. Then, go to the Advanced menu. Then, go to Documents Numbering. Then, click on Add. You can add portfolios or folders. Click on Add Folders. Here, click on the folder that contains your documents. Click OK. You can reorder your files, if you need to. Click on Output Options. Designate a folder to send them to. Determine what number you would like to start with. You can adjust the formatting for the Bates numbering, in order to distinguish them from other documents. Label your documents in the menu. When you have finished describing your document, click OK. You will now be able to search for your documents by the Bates numbering that you've established. It can also be easily added or removed.

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